My Story

I have spent decades helping people learn and a lifetime learning with dogs. I have worked across the world from the UK to Australia, through to Asia.  I have worked with all kinds of dogs, from working dogs to suburban pets, Asian street dogs to pampered pooches, Great Danes to Chihuahuas.

Every canine companion has taught me as many life lessons as I might have taught them.

I was blessed with a childhood of forests  and fields, surrounded by great canine teachers and brilliant trainers, shepherds, gamekeepers, dog whisperers (long before such a word was invented). I have sought out opportunities to learn from a diverse range of trainers.
I have always been fascinated by how we learn. And by 'we' I mean everything animal, mineral, vegetable.  What 'force' encourages change, growth and development?

Decades of training later, a Master's degree in education and dozens of certificates, I'm still learning and love helping people and their dogs.