House Sitting

Reliable, Trusted and Capable to look after your animals,  home and property. A good sense of humour, open minded, and always learning

The Campervan, the dog and me we are willing to travel anywhere for long or short term contracts

I have decades of experience with animal’s and caring for homes large and small from UK to Australia, Europe and Asia

I can turn my hand to almost anything.


I have worked in Life Skills Education, corporate, business and personal, educating with dogs and horses,  outward bound/team building, adventure camps, all over the world.

I am back in the UK after many years overseas. I have a standard poodle Fizzle and a Campervan Nellie and we travel where we’re needed, when we are needed.

Dogs & Cats

I have had dog’s all my life and love working with them. Fizzle and I enjoy testing ourselves in a variety of disciplines, trials, tracking, scentwork, and rally as well as lots of exploring. We’ve been to Crufts in the working trials demo team, plus a few demo teams at shows she just loves everything and everyone, we’re having a ball in the Obreediance team and still lots to learn.

I will love looking after your dogs. I can help with dog training if you wish.

We always had cat’s some we brought in, other’s who invited themselves. Very much their own people and personalities, I have a great affection and respect for them, wouldn’t dream of trying to train them.


I grew up riding welsh mountain ponies and adored all things horsy. That led to an initial career with horses, going through all the BHS exams and ending up overseas managing riding centres. Eventing was my thing and a series of neck injuries eventually put a stop to riding but certainly not to looking after and caring for horses from the ground. I am still persuaded to teach the odd lesson and it’s a love that never goes away completely

The Country

I grew up on a small holding in Wales with horses, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, cat’s and all kinds of wildlife that needed nursing back to health, from broken wing birds to hedgehogs and squirrels.  It was a glorious atmosphere to grow up in, it was also a great way to learn all kinds of practical skills that I can put to good use.

Growing up with keen Gardner’s, conservationists and lover’s of nature I too appreciate all that are green planet has to offer. I am perfectly happy in isolated places.

The City

Yet. I have spent years working out of major capital cities enjoying the theatre, music, museum’s, exhibitions and festivals. Different people, the variety of cultures, the different foods, Cities are fascinating. I’m just fine in a city.