Learn to work with your dog.

Relationships between people and dogs rely on the confidence, connection and understanding of their humans. Working with your dog creates fascinating and rewarding results. Well-mannered, engaged, confident, content & happy! My mission is to create fun, challenging and progressive learning for companion dogs.

Laf with dogs is all about helping dog owners to help their dogs.

My Story

I have spent decades helping people learn and a lifetime learning with dogs. I have worked across the world from the UK to Australia, through to Asia.   I have worked with all kinds of dogs, from working dogs to suburban pets, Asian street dogs to pampered pooches, Great Danes to Chihuahuas. Every canine companion has taught me as many life lessons as I might have taught them. I was blessed with a childhood of forests  and fields, surrounded by great canine teachers and brilliant trainers, shepherds, gamekeepers, dog whisperers (long before such a word was invented). I have sought out opportunities to learn from a diverse range of trainers.


What I do

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House Sitting

Reliable, Trusted and Capable to look after your animals,  home and property. A good sense of humour, open minded, and always learning


Training Philosophy

You need to have fun, you need to be enjoying yourself.
You need to make time.
You need to keep going.
If you are doing the first one, the next two follow.  Sounds simple but the 'drive' that we call having fun comes in many different forms and means different things to different creatures.



Learning should Always be Fun



Content/confident companion dogs v concerned/confused companion dogs...



What a lovely day..

Lovely day. We got a rosette with my standard poodle mates. Fun  Explored a canal. Fun. Flushed up a bird or two. Put a squirrel up a tree.

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Fabulous time in Somerset

Poodle Training Club Obreediance Team. Fabulous time at Little Orchard Somerset.

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Crufts 2019

Lots of fun at Crufts. Part of the Working Trials demo team. Fizzle lapping up the limelight.

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